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3D Modeling

I enjoy modeling hard surface and organic models ranging from props, environments, and characters. I practice industry standard modeling procedures and use softwares such as Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Suite, and Unreal Engine 5. I can work through the entire process of working from reference, modeling, UVing, texturing, animating, and implementation in game engines.

Cropped AnglerFishMan .jpg

Anglerfish Man is a hard surface model I created and textured in Maya.

Rogue Robot is a fully rigged hard surface model I created utilizing Maya and Adobe Substance Painter.

Pose 10 Hero Shot.png

Reclaim is a unique Valorant/CSGO style map I designed, modeled, UVed, and textured in 3 weeks. I did so utilizing Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Substance Sampler, Substance Stager, and Unreal Engine 5. 

Boogie Beyond is a VR Exploration and Dance Battler set in the 1980's with an Eldritch Comic Twist. On my 14 person agile team I worked as both our Lead Environment Artist and Level Designer throughout our year of development. On the Level Design side of this project I designed, iterated, blocked-Out, and finalized our main level the "Club Cosmic Night Club." On the Environment art side I 3D Modeled, UVed, textured, implimented, and blueprinted 87% of our Environment assets. I did all this utilizing Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, SVN, and Unreal Engine 5. 

Main Room Tentacles 1.png
POSTER FINAL Nice Market Stager-Camera 5.png

Alchemist House is an exterior focused hard surface scene I created utilizing Maya and Adobe Substance Painter.

Armored Monk is an Accessory focused organic clothing model I created utilizing ZBrush and Adobe Substance Painter.

Accessory Study View 5-Accessory View  5.png
Image by Simone Secci







Image by Simone Secci
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