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Gameplay Design

I love working on gameplay design in every game genre. Design philosophy and game mechanics are a blast to innovate on and create fun new experiences. These projects highlight my skills of design and my ability to adapt and iterate throughout development effectively in a team environment.

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Con Colony is a top down dystopian sci-fi shop simulator with a fluctuating in-game economy. Play as a wanderer that fell on hard times and is now stuck in a small clueless colony. Convert your ship into a makeshift shop and sell whatever you can to get by. Undercut, steal, and buyout your competition using your wits and companions. Will you make it big and eventually leave the colony richer than ever before, or fall flat as a business person?

Hedge Legends is a Team Based Loot and Boss Rush style Minecraft game playable with a varying amount of players and a max of 24 players split into 8 teams of 3. Race to gear up and explore a maze style map in order to take on the 4 quadrant bosses. But beware, only 1 team can place all 4 boss heads and call themselves the Hedge Legends!

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Diving deep into what makes Hearthstone Hearthstone. An in depth 9 year study into Hearthstone card design and how I create my custom expansions, mechanics, and card designs. Includes my experience with my 365 days of Hearthstone challenge.

Terracotta Canyon is a class based Capture the Flag game with Power-ups. The map is set in a wild west like era as two rival bandit camps fight for control. There are a total of 7 unique classes with Minecraft feeling abilities and weapons to aid teams in capturing each other's flag. Located throughout the map are Power-ups that spawn and provide temporary buffs to aid players on both sides. Each team also has access to horses that respawn at stables. Players can use them to traverse the map for a limited time. 


A 3 month design journey into making a Hearthstone expansion keyword, an expansion gimmick (New card type), and a new class. Walking through my thought processes as I followed the industry standard practices of initial design on the Hearthstone team.

MAU is an Exploration Puzzle Platformer about a mummified cat returning to the land of the living inside of an Egyptian tomb. MAU's goal is to reunite with its master by retrieving its lost lives that are spread across the tomb. Traverse a nonlinear environment full of traps, enemies, and puzzles, but be careful! MAU's lives are its health points.

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Freeze Point is a fresh take on both the Freeze Tag and the Hardpoint games. Freeze Point is a fast paced large team game in which teams gain score by controlling one or multiple control points on the map. Players must tag other players on the enemy team to freeze them solid. They can only be thawed by their teammates. Along with this mechanic, there are Power-ups that spawn around the map which can make or break team fights. 




Image by Simone Secci
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