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Nick King

I'm a Game Designer with a passion for creating fun gameplay and breathtaking worlds.

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My Latest Work


5+ years experience in game design and development across both art and design pipelines with 7+ shipped game projects.

Hello, I'm Nick. I’m a highly motivated and friendly person who loves solving design puzzles and collaborating with my peers to create innovative and unforgettable gameplay experiences. I have worked in multiple game teams where my role has been Gameplay Design/ Level Design/ 3D Modeling, and I love what I do. I am always eager and open to learning and expanding my skills as a designer and artist.

I love designing and playing a variety of games and genres both digital and physical. CCG’s, TRPG’s, Survival/Sandbox, RPG’s, and FPS’s have always been some of my favorites. A lot of them led me to pursuing game design as a career.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to chat! I'm always interested in meeting new people and learning more about what's out there.


My goal is to work in the videogame industry as a Game Designer. Gameplay Design, Level Design, and 3D Modeling are some of my favorite parts whether it's for a strategy card game, hero shooter, open world game, etc. I am committed and eager to further my career in the videogame industry and I am actively searching for full time jobs in Game Design to further refine my craft.


 Worked as a Freelance Game Designer for the Indie Studio Divine Games on both the design and art pipelines doing jobs such as level design, gameplay design, 3D Modeling, and design documentation. Pitched, designed, implemented, and worked on multiple games in development with bi-weekly meetings in an agile setting. Coordinated meetings and worked along side artists and programmers to meet deadlines and fulfil visions for the games. Notably I worked as a game designer on the first ever Discord based MMO "Depths: Lost Legacy" in charge of designing progression, skill trees, and quest systems.

 Worked as a Game Designer at Quillmark where I took on multiple design and art roles such as gameplay design, level design, 3D Modeling, texture art, and map creation. I worked with big name clients such as the Minecraft youtubers Sigils, Slogo, and Jelly where my work was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I have shipped over 5+ unique projects across multiple versions of Minecraft with projects published on a range of places such as Minecraft Java Realms as well as Sticky Piston Hosting and Planet Minecraft.
• Active member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).
President of Tau Sigma National Honors Society branch at my college for 3 years.
Have been creating custom content for games for over 10+ years.
 Won multiple awards for innovation, design, and art.



BFA in Game Design and Development-Art with multiple studies in Gameplay Design, Level Design, and 3D Modeling from the University of Wisconsin-Stout

Graduated May 2024

Interested in fulltime industry jobs



Advanced: Game Design and Development, Systems Design, Gameplay Design, Level Design, Game Balancing, World Building, Ideation, Innovation, Creativity, Presentation, Documentation, Physical and Digital Drawing/sculpting, Pixel and Vector Art, Project Management, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Organization, People Skills, Agile Development, Scrum.

Proficient: Understanding the coding process, implementing assets.


Advanced: Maya, Zbrush, Blockbench, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Google Drive, Excel, Aseprite, Asana, Trello.

Proficient: Unity 2D, Unreal Engine 4 & 5, Unreal Blueprinting, Godot 3.5 & 4, Jira, Confluence, Substance Stager, Substance Designer, Premiere, After Effects, Tiled, SVN, GitHub, JavaScript.

• Winner of the Most Anticipated Senior Game Award for the eldritch disco VR game "Boogie Beyond" at the Fall Stout Game Expo 2023 beating 5 other games

• "Con Colony" Was nominated for the Stout Game Expo 2022 Award for "Best Gameplay" in the Advanced 2D game category.

• "MAU" Was nominated for the Stout Game Expo 2021 Award for "Best Game Art" in the 2D game category.

• "Best of the Worst" Won the Stout Game Expo 2020 Award for "Best Execution" in the card/board game category.

• "Best of the Worst" Was nominated for the Stout Game Expo 2020 Award for "Most Unique Concept" in the card/board game category.

A Closer Look at Some Projects


Competitive Round Based FPS



Level Designer and Environment Artist

Reclaim is a Valorant/CSGO style map set in ancient ruins that are being taken over by futuristic researchers. It’s a new take on the classic two bombsite map with attackers and defenders. It features two way teleporters, rising platforms, opening doors, and usable ladders. The map was designed around a modular player base ranging from 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5.


Sci-Fi Shop Simulator and Creature Collector


Game Designer and Lead Artist

Con Colony is a top down dystopian sci-fi shop simulator with a fluctuating in-game economy. Play as a wanderer that fell on hard times and is now stuck in a small clueless colony. Convert your ship into a makeshift shop and sell whatever you can to get by. Undercut, steal, and buyout your competition using your wits and companions. Will you make it big and eventually leave the colony richer than ever before, or fall flat as a business person?


Team Based PVP, Looting, Strategy, and Boss Fighting


Hedge Legends

Lead Game Designer

Hedge Legends is a Team Based Loot and Boss Rush style Minecraft game playable with a varying amount of players and a max of 24 players split into 8 teams of 3. Race to gear up and explore a maze style map in order to take on the 4 quadrant bosses. But beware, only 1 team can place all 4 boss heads and call themselves the Hedge Legends!


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